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Erie Sport Store carries a wide variety of firearms. From hunting rifles and related accessories, to handguns and tactical firearms for personal use; as well home defense, and competitive shooting firearms, we carry it all!

In addition to firearms, we are stocked with a variety of ammunitions. Whether you’re aiming for an elk, a varmint, or a target, we have it all! We carry the most popular ammunition types from the top brands in the industry. Not content with buying pre-made ammunition? We have all the supplies you need to make your own ammunition with our selection of powders, bullets and primers. Make sure you hit your target with our selection of targets and optics.

Stop by and pick up the supplies you need to maintain your own firearms, from solvents and lubricants to cleaners, we have the kits and products to keep your gun clean and working well. Make sure to keep your guns secure in a holster or locked up in a safe. From handguns to rifles or semi-automatic weapons, we carry a variety of safes to accommodate firearms of any type and size.

Firearm Services

  • Ammunition


    Using the right ammunition best suited for your type of hunting or shooting is crucial to being successful. We stock ammunition for handguns, shotguns, and rifles. We also carry common caliber ammunition and hard-to-find ammunition. Let us be your one-stop-shop for your ammo needs. Not sure what brand or type is best for your needs? Ask one of our helpful associates for assistance.

    Top Brands: Federal, Hornaday, Remington, Winchester learn more »

  • Scopes

    Optics & Scopes

    Whether you are shooting at tin cans at close range or targets 1,000 yards away, we have the optics and scopes that will help you do it! We carry Leupold, Vortex, Nikon, and Hawke to name a few. We have several varieties to choose from. To top it off, each new scope purchase comes with complementary mounting and bore sighting!

    You have the gun of your dreams. Now it’s time to accessorize. We carry a huge selection of carrying cases, bipods, red dot optics, and so much more.

    Brands: Leupold, Vortex, Nikon, Hawke

  • Reloading


    Specializing in RCBS reloading tools and parts, Erie Sport Store carries reloading presses, bullets, powder, brass, and primers. We stock everything you need to reload.

    Brands: Hornady, RCBS, Berger Bullets, Nosler

  • Safes thumbnail


    Protect your firearms by keeping them in a secure, fireproof safe. We have a variety of sizes and features to choose from. Safes are also great for protecting jewelry, cash and other valuable household items. learn more »

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