About Us

The Erie Sport Store has a rich history. It was founded by brothers Jack and George Weber in 1951 on Groundhog Day. Even in the early days, the store catered to athletes and outdoorsmen. Not long after the store opened, it moved to a larger location. In 1970, the Erie Sport Store opened a new “super sports store” in downtown Erie, PA at 701 State Street. At the time, this was regarded as one of the finest sporting goods stores in the entire United States and during the 1970’s the Erie Sport Store won numerous National Awards in the sporting goods industry.History of the Erie Sport Store

The Erie Sport Store continued to grow and expanded to various locations throughout the city. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the Erie Sport Store had 4 locations; downtown at 701 State Street, Liberty Plaza shopping center, West 8th Street across from the Colony Plaza and a Golf Pro Shop on East 8th Street across from the Civic Center. Today, the Erie Sport Store has a 30,000 square foot store located in the heart of Erie’s main shopping district, upper Peach Street. This location features a full-line of sporting goods including golf, snowboard, ski, firearms, fishing, camping, hockey, footwear, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, indoor and outdoor games, licensed clothing and much more. Every department specializes in expert service such as skate sharpening, ski and snowboard service, ball glove repair and steaming, archery and firearms services and more. In addition to retail, the Erie Sport Store boasts a state-of-the art sewing, embroidery and trophy department.

The company remains a family business that today is owned by brothers Jack (Jason) and Rich Weber. With over 65 years in business the goals remain clear and focused…continuing to “Feature the Greatest Names in Sporting Goods”, being a rock solid sponsor of youth athletic teams and featuring outstanding quality and customer service.

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