Erie Sport Store Advantage!

Erie Sport Store Advantage

For over 60 years, Erie Sport Store has provided top quality products and service for the area's sporting goods needs. Many times we are asked:
"How do you compete with the big box stores"? It's simple... the Erie Sport Store Advantage...

First, we have a staff of over 60 "locals" that understand the market, have a vast knowledge of products and give our customers the best service. In addition, we have hands on buyers that actually buy direct from the manufacturer. Each department boasts several staff members that are experts in their area of sports. Second, we belong to the largest sporting goods buying network in the world. Our syndicate has several hundred members with thousands of storefronts that do billions of dollars in sales annually. Third, our reaction time is swift. Due to our localized nature we can react much quicker to trends and "hot" items that may be unique to our region. At any time, our buyers can pick up the phone and have orders delivered in a matter of days; whereas, our competitors may have to go through many corporate obstacles to get the job done.

Also, we give back to our community. We sponsor youth sport teams, events, fundraisers, benefits and so much more in the Erie area. We support those who support us. So, the next time you need sporting goods, remember the Erie Sport Store Advantage.