Offering repair work on skates and helmets by staff with over 25 years of experience repairing hockey equipment.

Skate Repair: We replace blades, footbeds, and rivets. Skates must be in good shape; no cracks, no pieces missing, no over-sized holes, and must be dry.

Helmet Repair: We DO NOT replace helmet padding, but we DO sell helmet screws, facemasks, and some facemask hinges. If  Helmet is cracked or out of date than it needs to be replaced.

Sticks: If bought at the Erie Sport Store:   We will cut sticks to appropriate size and add wooden end plugs to lengthen the sticks of some junior, intermediate, and senior composite sticks.

*All items must be inspected by repair staff before any repair work is agreed upon.

 Ice Skate Sharpening

Ice Hockey Player Skates Sharpening: $7.00 including tax
Goalie and Figure Skate Sharpening: $8.00 including Tax