Spartan GoCam Blackout (Verizon)

Spartan GoCam Blackout (Verizon)

  • $419.99

Lowest monthly cost on the market: The Spartan GoCam™ (Connected by Verizon) can be added to the existing Verizon data plan for $5.00/month as Connected Device1. No long term commitment required. Activate, deactivate, or reactivate the plan at any time. The plan starts from $25.00/month without existing Verizon data plan.

Ready to Use Out of the Box: No SIM card required. Simply activate the service from HCO, use the camera menus to set your desired picture parameters, and your camera is ready to use.

All-in-One Design, Easy Installation: The camera is powered by 12 AA batteries (alkaline, Ni-MH, or lithium), and is a Standalone installation with no wires and no required external power source.

Security: Pictures can be transmitted with or without AES 256 encryption. For added security, use encryption to transfer your images.

GoWireless: The GoCam™ is compatible with HCO GoWireless web and mobile portal, an ultimate camera and photo management solution.

Network Support: 3G, EV-DO / CDMA2000
Field of View (FOV): 52
*Photo: Yes
*Video: Yes
*Display: 2"
*Photo/Video Playback: Yes
*Live Preview: Yes
*Photo Resolution: 3, 5, 8MP (4:3)
*Video Resolution: 720P HD/ VGA
*Trigger Speed: 1s
*Burst Mode: 1-5
*Video Length: up to 30s
Audio Record: Yes
*Quiet Time: Up to 60m
*Time Lapse: 2X
*Duty Time: 2X
*Photo Stamp: Time/Date/Temp/Moon
*Overwrite: Yes
*Night Flash Distance: 60'
*LED Number/Type: Invisible Blackout IR
*SD Card Capacity: 32GB
*Batteries: 4-12 AA
*Weight: 13.5 oz
*Dimension: 6x 5x 3.5 inches