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Fingers Only: $15.00
Web Only: $20.00
Fingers and Web Combo: $35.00
Trapeze Glove Upcharge: $25.00
*Price includes materials. Repair time is normally 5-7 days.
**Some sections of glove may not be restrung based on our equipment and/or complexity of mitt. This is at the sole discretion of the Erie Sport Store.


New In Store Purchased Mizuno: FREE
New In Store Purchased Fielder’s Glove: $10.00
New In Store Purchased Catchers/1st Base Mitt: $15.00
Customer Owned Fielder’s Glove: $20.00
Customer Owned Catcher’s/1st Base Mitt: $25.00
Bat regripping: $5.00 plus cost of the wrap

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